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Well there is only going to be one reason why you ended up on our website, let me take a guess… Because you wanted free followers on instagram, was I right? Well If I was you sure came to the right place! We started the following game on twitter back in 2010, so as you see we have a fair bit of experience when it comes to giving followers. You may be asking yourself why we are providing such a awesome service free of charge?! Well we’ve been selling Instagram followers since 2012 and found that were making next to nothing when it’s comes to profit. We put out business to a halt and was left with lots of Instagram accounts, at first we didn’t know what to do with them so we just kept them and done nothing… A few months later we decided that we can’t just do nothing with them, so here we are now!

Here we provide a completely anonymous service that looks natural and helps you gain real followers. We will deliver all followers using the safest way possible, all followers will look authentic and will be delivered within 1 hour. Your information will never be shared with anyone so there is no worry when using our free service!

Our service is so simple to use! We don’t require you to follow anyone back, we don’t need your password and we don’t require ANY MONEY!

Why do I need followers?

We live in a modern society where social media plays a big role! Over 90 million people use Instagram on a monthly basis and numbers are growing fast! Getting followers from us could help your business or could make you look really popular! Instagram with no followers is pointless, with our service your account could go from 0 followers to 8,000 within an hour, but don’t forget all our followers are active so you will be receiving likes also. Give us a try – We’ll make you famous!

Can I Get My Account Banned?

NO WAY! There is not a chance that your account could get banned when using our service, we use the safest and most secure method to deliver the followers. You are probably thinking “how can you be so sure I wont get banned” Well we had a business running since 2008 and not a single account was banned, also the way in which we deliver our followers does not break any rules of instagram. So we are glad to say you are safe and always will be when using our service!

We have listed some cool facts about our followers

  • All followers are ACTIVE
  • Under 1 hour delivery time
  • We do not require your password
  • We do not require you to follow anyone
  • FREE!
  • The safest delivery method
  • Will not get your account banned in any way

                                         Before use of our service

                                          After use of our service

Followers Available

Now you may be asking, if you have all these available followers why can I only choose up to 8,000?! You have to keep in mind this is a FREE service so we do have to put limitations in place.

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Please enter your Instagram username in the box provided and press the get your followers button, Please make sure the username you enter is correct otherwise it will not work.